About TFNP

Welcome to The Full Nelson Press! The home of  a weekly comic revolving around the WWE Universe and the lives of Matt, Roy, and Seth; three wrestling fans living in the WWE Universe. From the Brogue Kicking Sheamus to the creeper Goldust, see how these three survive tables, ladders, and knocks on their doorstep.

New comics every Sunday!


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The Cast

Matt 150x150

 Matt Slater

Matt enjoys the absurdity and extravagance of the WWE. He has a love-hate relationship with wrestling and feels that the WWE owes him for his years of dedication.  Despite his lack of knowledge and experience in the business, Matt believes that he know what’s “Best for Business.”  He always focuses on the continuity and lineage of the current product.  Matt has a hard time keeping his emotions in check which usually leads to temper tantrums every Monday and at least one Sunday a month. 


Roy 150x150

Roy Jenkins

Roy is a WWE Fan Boy through and through who has deemed himself the Wrestling Historian.  Roy remembers the card to every PPV, Special Event, and the reign of every title from OVW to Smokey Mountain Wrestling.  He has no interest in what happens behind the Titantron, and is blind to the inconsistency that is in the WWE by all the all of the colorful characters. Roy also believes the current WWE product is as entertaining and fun as it always has been.  Roy cannot get enough of the interviews, backstage segments, promos, and of course the in-ring action. 

Seth 150x150

Seth Anderson

Seth thinks of himself as the ultimate “Smark,” and cannot fathom anything that is remotely fun. Seth prides himself on what he thinks is the Wrestling lingo and his knowledge on all the backstage gossip. He thinks he’s able to tell the sport from the “entertainment,” and always keeping up on all the wrestling happenings.  Seth enjoys watching the newest BotchaMania’s with his two best friends, Matt and Roy. He also seeks out the “dirt sheets” and spoilers from various wrestling news sites, and podcasts.

The Creator - Brandon Kirkpatrick

Hey! I’m Brandon from Dubuque, IA.  I’ve been a wrestling fan since 1998 and I created the TheFullNelsonPress.com in April of 2012.  I started this project, because I feel this is what I want to do with my life.  That’s right, a struggling artist… My plan for The Full Nelson Press is to help improve my artwork and storytelling for future projects, and what better way to do that than working on something I enjoy.

I married my beautiful wife Phylesia in 2013, and we have two cats: PJ and Lilly. In my spare time you can find me on the Xbox playing Worms, WWE, whatever’s hip these days, or on my DS trying to catch’em all.


You can find The Full Nelson Press on Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr.





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